Question: Research question: Would the domestic violence assessment improve the emergency department nurses in it’s early detection and screening? Please do go to the given link of the article and answer the following questions. Robinson, R. (2010,). Myths and stereotypes: how registered nurses screen for intimate partner violence. Journal of Emergency Nursing,

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36(3), pp. 246-252.

Yes, the domestic violence assessment would improve the emergency department nurses in its early detection and screening. The article by Robinson (2010) discusses the importance of nurses being able to accurately screen for intimate partner violence (IPV) in the emergency department. The article states that nurses need to be aware of the myths and stereotypes associated with IPV in order to accurately assess and screen for it. The article also discusses the importance of having a standardized assessment tool to help nurses accurately identify and screen for IPV. The article concludes that having a standardized assessment tool would help nurses to better identify and screen for IPV, which would lead to improved early detection and screening.

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