Question: Case Scenario Four

Question: Case Scenario Four

Case Scenario Four

As a public health student, you are interested in different public health initiatives the CDC has put forth over the years and whether they have been successful. You continue to hear the term “Healthy People reports.” You are interested in the results of these reports.


Visit the CDC website and write a report on the Healthy People initiatives and whether or not you think they are successful initiatives.

Student Activity 1-3

Internet Exercises

· Visit each of the websites listed here.

· Name the organization.

· Locate its mission statement or statement of purpose on the website.

· Provide a brief overview of the activities of the organization.

· How does this organization participate in the U.S. healthcare system?


Case Scenario Four

Question: Calculate the total cost of a purchase of three items, each costing $25.


Step 1: Multiply the cost of each item ($25) by the number of items (3).

25 x 3 = 75

Step 2: Calculate the total cost of the purchase.

Total cost = $75

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