Global Supply Chain Management Careers Globalization and Trade Questions

Most of these can be done in three to four sentences (don’t make them complicated, go straight to the point)

Country based on: US

  • What leadership/management/communication practices are most popular in your country? What are taught in schools and used by companies?
  • What careers in global supply chain management are most popular in your country? Why?
  • Are there any leadership skills that are important for the logistics profession?
  • Describe your educational experience (studying business management). What are the key milestones? What teaching and learning methods are employed?
  • What attitudes exist in your country regarding globalization and trade?
  • How is technology impacting the profession and global supply chain industry in your country?
  • What attitudes exist in your country regarding diversity in the corporate environment?
  • Describe the approach taken by your government and country toward sustainability in the supply chain and/or manufacturing in general?
  • Are there any misconceptions about your country that you can clarify?
  • What cultural/entertainment/sporting activities are most popular in your country and city?


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