Theoretical and methodological principles of marxism

Description Summarize the main theoretical principles of the marxism movement in literature and use them to perform a marxist analysis of the texts listed at the bottom. Paper should give the main principles and concepts of modernism and illustrate them in the analysis of the given texts. You can either divide the essay into two parts, explaining the theory in the first, and subsequently analyzing a literary text, or you can weave your literary analysis in the presentation of the theory, in a series of illustrations. Please use Marxism in terms fo literary language as ideological, false representation (imaginary, reverse image of material conditions) to analyze any of the chapters or a scene listed below. Link for free copy of the text is provided below Text for analysis (do not need to analyze all chapters. only pick relevant chapters): C. Dickens, extracts from Hard Times: Book I, Chapters 1, 2, 3 and Book II, Chapters 4,5.

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