Guido Reni,Bacchus and Ariadne review

Search the piece of art work called Guido Reni,Bacchus and Ariadne, oil on canvas, c.1619-1620, M.79.63. Write a two-page analysis of the space and composition employed in the image. Analyze how space and composition relate to expression (as outlined in A, B & C). A. Space. In a two-dimensional medium, the artist has to produce an illusion of the third dimension (depth). 1. Describe which illusionistic devices the artist is using (overlap, scale, foreshortening, shading/modeling, atmospheric perspective, scientific perspective…) 2. How effective are these devices? Does the work convey the impression of deep space or limited, shallow space (or any weird combination of the two?) B. Composition. Composition is the arrangement of shapes or forms in a work of art. 1. First describe the predominant shapes. Vertical lines? Horizontals? Diagonals? Circles? Curves? 2. Determine the focal point. Center or off-center? 3. Describe arrangement. Look for patterns of shapes, such as parallel or contrasting triangles, diagonals, verticals, horizontals, and curves (“S” shapes, for example.) Assess balance. C. Analyze how A & B relate to expression. To do this properly, you must begin with a description of the subject matter. If a narrative is involved, find out the details of the story being told.

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