What you need to do to complete Assignment 3 Assignment


What you need to do to complete Assignment 3

Assignment 3 requires you to consolidate what you learned in the course (Weeks 1-11) by

1) choosing and analyzing a case study

2) creating and populating a professional profile on LinkedIn and reflecting on it

3) reflecting on what you learned in the course and how it will help you in your future career


4) writing an academic reflection that includes the above three 

1) Analyzing a case study

Case studies are used to describe events and situations that happen in real life over a periodof time. The process of analyzing a case study involves reading through the case very carefullyand finding actual/potential problems/challenges included in the case and then proposingsolutions to solve these problems/challenges. This usually involves answering the followingquestions:

what is happening?

why it’s happening?

how to solve the problem?

When answering these questions, you must use relevant theories and research to developand propose solutions to these practical situations.

Please refer to RMIT Learning Lab’s ‘Writing a case study ‘ for further information on how toanalyze a case study.(h???? ps://emedia.rmit.edu.au/learninglab/content/wri ng-case-study) 

Case study analysis

In Assignment 3 we ask you to CHOOSE ONE of the following three cases and analyze themusing relevant theories, frameworks and concepts from topics 1-11 in the course.

Module 1 (Topic 1 to 4): Management Work


KTS Saving and Credit Society 

Module 2 (Topic 5 to 8): The Context of Managers’ Work

Sustainability Culture.pdf 

Module 3 (Topic 9 to 12): The Functions of Management

International TQM challenges.pdf 

A resource has been created for you to demonstrate what is expected of a high-quality casestudy analysis. Please see ‘Analysing a case study’ page

2) Creating a LinkedIn Profile

As part of the requirements of Assignment 3, you must also create and fill in a LinkedIn profilewith:

a personal statement

your education

digital badge(s) of any RMIT micro-credential(s) you have completed (not necessary toinclude them if you have not completed any RMIT micro-credentials) 

Once you have filled in your details, you must populate your profile by developing andengaging with your network by following at least:

3 LinkedIn influencers

3 companies

3 academic institutions

You must also engage with your network by:

Liking or commenting on 6 posts on LinkedIn

Once you have filled in and populated your profile, you can compare your profile to theExample LinkedIn Content.pdf . (https://rmit.instructure.com/courses/91910/files/25900197/download?download_frd=1) 

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your LinkedIn profile is set to ‘Public’ so that it can be viewedby the person marking your A3.

3) Academic Reflection

Once you have completed the above, you will write a 2000 word academic reflection thatincludes the following sections. You may write the academic reflection in the First Person butmake sure that your writing is not too informal.(https://rmit.instructure.com/courses/91910/files/25900193/download?download_frd=1) (https://rmit.instructure.com/courses/91910/files/25900190/download?download_frd=1) (https://rmit.instructure.com/courses/91910/files/25900194/download?download_frd=1) 

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