Part 1: Discuss your views on NYPDs ‘Stop and Frisk’

Part 1:

  • Discuss your views on NYPDs ‘Stop and Frisk’ policy? How might such policies actually make the enforcement of serious violations more difficult? How might they make it easier? Find examples of and discuss how the use of ‘quotas’ in law enforcement can potentially lead to police corruption. Keep in mind, this is neither a law enforcement bashing nor a law enforcement defense forum. The discussion is about a particular policy which was embraced to get illegal weapons off the street, but some argue turned into a means to make low-level marijuana possession arrests, as well as whether the practice of enforcing “quotas” (whether formal or informal) can encourage problematic behavior.
  • Discuss why you do or do not feel it is important for local police forces to be representative of the demographics of the communities they serve. Explain your position.

Part 2:

  • What did Aristotle mean by ‘the law is reason free from passion’?
  • The ‘Ethics Guy’ states that it is right to challenge unjust laws. How do you feel about this idea? Do believe there are currently any unjust laws in the United States? If so, which and would you openly challenge such laws? How?
  • What is an attorney’s ethical obligations to his/her client?

Must be at least 300 words in total

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