Lee: Completing this fast food challenge was exactly that, a


Completing this fast food challenge was exactly that, a challenge. I wanted to be honest and not simply find food items that met each criteria. This gave me a realistic view of the items I actually eat and the nutritional value associated. The dietary guidelines states that a woman who is less active should have 1600 calories, slightly active 1,800 and active lifestyle is 2,000-2,200. With the meals selected my total caloric intake is 1,842 which falls in line with me for the slightly active woman. With all meals I would drink water which aids in flushing out sodium from my system. With my schedule now at work, school and parenting this could be quite accurate on a day for me. It is an eye opener on how I thought certain food choices were solid well balance yet the sodium is higher than the guidelines state. 

Sophia :The difficult part for me is was trying to exceed the total carb, fiber, and protein limit. I feel like its impossible because most items that exceed the mark for those things also exceed the other nutrients which makes it impossible to list although I feel like some restaurants work in your favor because you can make it the way you want like chipotle. This was challenging trying to follow.

respond with 250 each with questio included

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