This week’s discussion will pertain to muscle physiology. Specifically we


This week’s discussion will pertain to muscle physiology.  Specifically we will look at Anabolic Steroids. 

In your post, you may want to mention such aspects as:

  • how prevalent is illegal steroid use in America
  • what groups of people are most likely to be using/abusing anabolic steroids
  • what health risks are associated with the use of these drugs
  • what legal risks or ramifications are associated with these drug

Why do you suppose the Olympic committees are so adamant against the use of “performance-enhancing” drugs such as anabolic steroids? How do you personally feel about athletes using anabolic steroids?  Is it unethical?  

With all the risks associated with anabolic steroid use, why are people (with staggeringly high frequency) using these drugs? 


Main posts should be at least 200 words in length.  You should interact with at least two classmates, 50 word minimum per interaction.  Last day (Tuesday) posts will not receive full credit as they do not allow adequate opportunity for classmates to respond.  Please see the Discussion Forum Expectations document for more details on grading.  Main posts must have references in APA format to receive full credit. 

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