The purpose of assignment is to analyze the quality of

The purpose of assignment is  to analyze the quality of care and financial impact of the government’s initiative of accountable care organizations. This assignment is intended to show evidence of achievement of: the ability to find organizational information relative to mission, vision, organizational structure and impact on health care.

An accountable care organization is a network of providers that share responsibility for providing care to patients. In this assignment, the focus is on an a specific accountable care organization that has been in existence for a minimum of three years in the state of Texas.

  • Identify a CMS designated accountable care organization and summarize the organizational structure. 
  • For the selected accountable care organization: 
    • Identify the organization’s vision and core principles.
    • Evaluate the organization’s approach to practice transformation and consumer engagement.
    • Describe the interoperability of information among the providers and consumer stakeholders
    • Summarize how the accountable care organization impacts the quality of healthcare for the designated population. What metrics are used and how does the ACO compare to other ACOs?
    • Evaluate the specific accountable Care Organization’s financial savings
  • 3 sources needed

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