Question: Culturally Diverse Communication Click the ‘scenario’ button below to

Question: Culturally Diverse Communication

Click the ‘scenario’ button below to review the topic and then answer the following question: 

Description:  The preferred communication for the company to their employees is through an app on their company phones to alert them of important daily updates, tasks, and expectations.  Some team members reported feeling as though this should not be the only form of communication because they did not like being required to have a phone with them at all times, and the app was challenging to understand. They wanted multiple types of communication include written letters. According to those with grievances, the  strategy was doing the following:

  1. Creating barriers biased toward team members who were technologically savvy and maybe from a younger generation 
  2. Not taking into consideration nonnative English speakers 
  3.  Not taking into account visual disabilities that made relying on the app a challenge; and 
  4. Forcing employees to have more screen time than they were comfortable with causing physical discomfort among some

The decision was made to offer communication in multiple forms, including text messages, app-based direct messaging, printed communication, and voicemails. Each team member had to opt into one type of communication. Each person could also choose their language of choice for the communication.

QUESTION: Could you tell us more about language barrier, and concern about screen time?

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