Project 1 Using an SQL Developer, create Oracle tables for

Project 1

Using an SQL Developer, create Oracle tables for the CUSTOMER, VEHICLE (i.e. SALE_VEHICLE), and SALE entities shown in the ERD. Use the plural form of the entity name for your table names (i.e. CUSTOMERS, VEHICLES, and SALES). Note that you are using the SALE_VEHICLE entity to create a VEHICLES table. Ignore the TRADE_IN_VEHICLE entity. You will create tables for some of the other entities in upcoming assignments. 

You must include all necessary integrity constraints including primary keys, foreign keys, CHECK constraints, UNIQUE constraints, and NOT NULL constraints. It is a good practice, but not required, to explicitly name your constraints. 

Use ORACLE SQL DEVELOPER to create tables

Populate the VEHICLES and CUSTOMERS tables with at least 10 (ten) rows each. 

Populate your SALES table with at least 10 (ten) rows. 

Run SELECT * statements on all three tables after they are populated to show their contents. To prevent excessive wrapping you might consider using the SQL*Plus LINESIZE and COLUMN commands. 

Submit the SQL script file or files for this project.  This should include.


2) All of your INSERT SQL statements.

3) The contents of all tables from SELECT * FROM tablename; statements. 

Your submission MUST be one or more .sql SQL script files.  Please name them with your last name, project, and order to run them.  For example:  Smith_Project_2_Part_A.sql.  Also include drop scripts to un-do the scripts.  For example: Smith_Project_2_Part_A_drop.sql.

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