M3 Discussion 3: How’s it Going? Unlocked: Monday, October 25,


M3 Discussion 3: How’s it Going?

Unlocked: Monday, October 25, 2021 12:01 AM MDT – Sunday, November 7, 2021 11:59 PM MST.Subscribe


This discussion is your opportunity to reflect on the course and your performance so far. What is working, what is not and why not? What will you need to do to meet your learning goals?


Compose a Reflection on learning statement for the discussion board. This is an exercise in “metacognition,” or recognizing how and what you are learning. Share something which has surprised or astonished you about the earliest periods of World History or makes you go Wow, I didn’t know that! Why was that information astonishing or new to you? What insight does it give you into the history of the world?

Then evaluate your participation in this course as well as the course itself. What is working? What isn’t? What do you need to focus on to succeed and how can I help?

You should write at least 300 words in your response.

Reply to at least two other students’ posts with substantive responses of at least 100–150 words. Replies to your instructor are optional for Reflection discussions, but encouraged! The instructor will also respond with suggestions, but you are encouraged to offer each other support and advice to help you be successful for the remainder of the course.


Initial post is thorough and complete and includes appropriate terms and concepts learned in the course.

All elements are included.

2 peers (150 words)

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