In your discussion post, please address one of the four

In your discussion post, please address one of the four questions or comments below:

1) Compare and contrast Mancur Olson’s view of institutions and economic development with the standard institutional economics view developed originally by Douglass North and empirically tested by Acemoglu, Johnson and Robinson (which we discussed in class).

2) How does the free rider problem factor in the Olson model? Walk through how that eventually comes to bear on institutional and political change. Provide a critique.

3) Pick one of the case studies discussed in Chapter 6 (on Japan, China, South Africa or India). Explain how it is relevant for Olson’s model. Critique and discuss.

4) Why are asymmetries in special interest relevant for Mancur Olson’s theory? What if all special interest groups were symmetric in society (so that they were equal in size, financial power and the narrowness of the special interests they serve)? How would Olson’s conclusions be different?

Then, pick a related posting by a fellow student and comment on that post.

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