i) Reflect on your experience in the course and (ii)

i) Reflect on your experience in the course and (ii) explain how you might apply the math that you learned to your environment (work, school, home, etc.) (Train Manage)(iii) What seemed to be the most beneficial part of this course? (iv) Explain.

As I am in the Occupational Safety and Health field, but not really wanting to pursue anything in the Industrial Hygiene side of the business, the only thing that really sticks out to me as being beneificial in my career is “exponential growth and decay”. A great deal of what I do is looking at data to predict trends to tailor our safety program going forward. Perhaps being able to somewhat forecast increases and decreases in the various types of accidents might be of value. As mathmatics are said to not lie, perhaps it would be better than shaking my Magic 8 Ball every quarter.

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