For this milestone, you will choose a company and a


For this milestone, you will choose a company and a product in that company, and then practice drawing the supply chain diagram for that product. You will need to conduct independent research and create an original diagram of the supply chain (not an image copied and pasted from the internet). The supply chain diagram should not illustrate the process within the company itself, but the holistic view from the raw materials to getting the product to the consumer. This milestone provides an opportunity for you to practice creating the type of diagrams you will be required to create for the final project.

Note: Do not choose the company that you are using for the final project for this assignment. This milestone will provide practice in drawing supply chain diagrams, and you will later apply what you learn from this activity to the supply chain diagram for your final project company as part of your final project.

To successfully complete this assignment, view the Milestone 2 Rubric document.

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