For this assignment, it is helpful to complete all the

For this assignment, it is helpful to complete all the readings and viewing of the videos as these will provide the knowledge base, language, and other useful pieces of information to help you fully answer the questions. To maximize your ability to earn full points on this assignment, it is important you explain thoroughly by including details, all available information, examples, and any other mechanism that supports your reply. Make sure to use concise and clear language when developing your work. It is also necessary to include your references.

Using the resources in Modules 3, and the CORE book, develop a 2-3 page, single-spaced, 12-font, 1-inch margin (do not use a header, just include your work) essay to address the following: thoroughly define phonological awareness; thoroughly explain the process of phonological awareness development by providing examples; thoroughly explain the importance and role of oral language skills for the development of phonological awareness skills by providing examples; explain 2-3 strategies that teachers can implement to develop phonological awareness in the classroom and explain how these strategies work (listing the name of the strategies will not fulfill this section of your essay).


Please only use the resources provided

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