Compose a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following: Section


Compose a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following:

Section 1: Research Analysis

Evaluate the selected articles, addressing the following questions:

  • What did the authors conclude regarding the effectiveness of the intervention? Are the conclusions justified?
  • To what population do these results generalize? Do the results support a culturally diverse population?
  • Is the intervention the most appropriate when instructing diverse learners? Has the intervention been proven to be effective among the identified disability category?
  • How might the potential findings lead to positive social change for diverse learners?

Part 2: Gaps in Research

Based on your evaluation, identify any gaps from theory/research to practice; address the following in this section:

  • Explain how the articles compare with other articles on the same topic.
  • Explain whether the findings are reported in a clear and consistent manner. Did the article fail to acknowledge and explain any limitations or gaps in research?
  • Explain why the articles are relevant to instructing diverse learners. What contribution will the study make to the field of special education?

Part 3: Resource List

Include a resource list for parents and staff of at least 10 evidence-based practices for math and science (5 interventions for each subject area) as an appendix to your paper. Be sure to suggest, cite, and explain specific resources and strategies.

For this Assignment and all scholarly writing in this course and throughout your program, you will be required to use APA style (7th edition). Please use the Walden Writing Center as a resource as you complete your assignments.

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